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The Fink Story

Simple design, stylish, engineering-led.

FinkTeam, is an exciting new name in the loudspeaker production world. The company is made up of well-established experts, experienced in creating many different speakers across a wide range of prices. 

FinkTeam’s combination of design skills, together with total control of manufacturing in-house, allows them to deliver world-class loudspeakers that are exceptional performers across all musical genres.

FinkTeam evolved from Europe’s premier acoustics consultancy Fink Audio Consulting (FAC).  Established over 30 years ago, FAC designs loudspeakers for major international hi-fi, multimedia, car audio and pro audio companies and is led by Karl-Heinz Fink, a man who strongly shapes the audio market with his loudspeaker designs.

FinkTeam’s first speaker was initially designed as an in-house reference and to demonstrate their capabilities. This changed however, when the late Ken Ishiwata heard one of the early prototypes and asked for a finished pair to demonstrate his electronics at a Munich High End show. This was the WM-4 model, and the response it received was such that Fink Team saw a demand for their own branded designs. So along came the more practical and affordable Borg which shares the stealth styling of the WM-4. 

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One of the world’s finest speakers gets the full Colloms assessment, and he very much likes what he hears. Resistance, it seems, is futile.

After some experiment with exact listener and speaker location the fun could begin. This big loudspeaker has a massive, uncompressed, live soundstage quality, with more than a hint of a classical large professional monitor about it. 

Real hard technical innovation in speakers is a rarity.

It’s the best speaker I have ever heard. Period. And although the cabinet and driver design is extremely clever, it is the crossover design that really impresses, simply because it is utterly inaudible

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